Patient Simulation Laboratory (PSL) Coordinator

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FLSA Status Exempt

Position Information

Position Title Patient Simulation Laboratory (PSL) Coordinator
Position Type Staff
Employee Group Administrative
Time Status Full-Time
Time Category Full Time (1560-2080 hours)
Annual Hours 1560
# of Months TBD
Hours Per Week TBD
Work Dates

August 20 – May 24. Please note that this position begins in August of 2018.

Campus Main Campus (Grantham)

Position Description

Position Summary

The PSL Coordinator is accountable to the Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator to support student learning and maintain effectiveness and efficiency of the PSL facilities. This registered nurse position, which begins in August of 2018, requires one to be proficient in skill lab instruction, laboratory coordination, technology skills, and management and leadership abilities. Continued professional development is required including a simulation certification program. The position is a full-time 9 month contracted position requiring flexibly scheduled hours throughout the academic year.

Education Required

1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
2. Hold a current unrestricted license as a registered nurse in Pennsylvania
3. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
4. Certified in BLS and experience with ACLS preferred
5. Member of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Nursing Simulation
6. Completion of a simulation certification program within the first year of employment.

Education Preferred
Experience Required

3 years relevant nursing practice and/or teaching experience

Experience Preferred

Experience in BLS, ACLS, or ATLS

Skills, Characteristics Required for Position

1. Evidence of ability to reinforce student learning
2. Evidence of effective problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills
3. Evidence of a career that includes a strong work ethic with a proven track record of project completion, multi-tasking, and the ability to handle high-pressure environments
4. Evidence of a willingness to accept responsibility for professional and personal growth
5. Knowledge of videotape recording and audio visual equipment
6. Self-motivated and willing to learn new skills
7. Ability to carry out responsibilities in a timely and meticulous manner
8. Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding research, simulation participation and sensitive issues
9. Ability to provide feedback, support and encouragement to students
10. Ability to safeguard sensitive or confidential information from intentional or unintentional disclosure
11. Ability to maintain a current inventory of equipment and supplies, ensure that equipment is in proper working order and determine future equipment and supply needs
12. Essential physical competencies which include extended sitting, standing and walking daily, ability to grasp, hold, push, and/or pull, ability to bend or squat, moving quickly in response to an emergency using upper body movements, ability to reach, carry, move and/or lift approx 25 lbs. and/or occasionally push or pull objects on a rolling cart up to approx. 50 lbs.
13. Ability to perform assigned responsibilities, duties and tasks according to established practices
14. Ability to demonstrate, use and maintain equipment, tools and materials in a safe and correct manner
15. Ability to operate and program simulator software
16. Ability to use the College’s learning management system, inventory software, lab scheduling software and electronic purchase orders
17. Evidence of effective communication with others including students, faculty, administration and interdisciplinary teams
18. Ability to record and maintain proper records and to meet deadlines for reports and other required paperwork
a. Word processing, Microsoft Office, email, internet, filing

Special Working Conditions

Essential physical competencies include extended sitting, standing and walking, ability to grasp, hold, push and/or pull, bend or squat, move quickly in response to an emergency; reach, carry, move and/or lift approx. 25 lbs. and/or push or pull objects on a rolling car up to 50 lbs. Must also be flexible in scheduling of hours. May require work days longer than 8 hours during certain periods.

Driving Requirements


Essential Employee N/A
Primary Duties

Skill Lab Instruction:
Collaborates with the Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator and the Department of Nursing faculty in the delivery of current skill instruction.

Evaluation Criteria:
1. Provides student and faculty orientation to the Patient Simulation Laboratories (PSL)
2. Collaborates with the Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator in the updating of student learning activities in the PSL
3. Collaborates with the Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator and the Department of Nursing faculty in the previewing and purchasing of updated media for the Resource Room
4. Conducts nursing skills demonstrations as requested by course faculty
5. Conducts formative simulations and assist with summative simulations and evaluations
6. Tutors and supervises students with specific skill acquisition and remedial assignments as determined by faculty members

Laboratory Coordination:
Coordinates and proactively collaborates with faculty regarding lab/simulation course needs.

Evaluation Criteria:
1. Responsible for the skills and simulation lab experiences.
a. Preparation: set up of required equipment for classroom, skills labs, practice sessions, and simulations
b. Participation: if required, is present to assist with simulation instruction
c. Dismantle: take down and cleaning lab areas after classroom, skills labs, practice sessions and simulations
2. Assists the Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator with preparation of equipment and simulation materials. This may include the use of simulated body fluids, mock medications, disposable supplies, etc.
3. Maintains laboratory/simulation rooms and equipment
4. Manages the daily operation of the Resource Room and AV/Computer equipment
5. Set-ups and maintains Task Trainer Stations
6. Maintains current documentation of laboratory/simulation needs
7. Schedules skill sessions via the learning management system
8. Promotes safe laboratory practices according to OSHA guidelines
9. Follows guidelines in handling and disposing of hazardous materials
10. Performs other duties as assigned

Manages equipment, supplies, and work study students to provide efficient and effective PSL operations. Is actively engaged in Department of Nursing meetings and committees.

Evaluation Criteria:
1. Establishes contacts and liaisons with vendors of equipment and supplies for pricing and potential laboratory equipment donation
2. Conducts laboratory inventory and maintains lab supplies in an organized manner
3. Attends and votes at department meetings and serves on department committees
4. Recruits, interviews, and hires Work Study Students in consultation with faculty and Simulation Educator/Coordinator
5. Directly supervises Work Study Students including scheduling, assignments, and evaluations
6. Budget:
a. Assists the Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator with the development of the annual budget for the PSL
b. Manages purchasing of PSL supplies in collaboration with DON administration
7. Develops partnerships with local laboratory/simulation leaders in higher education
8. Manages inventory for the entire PSL

Facilitates seamless operation of multiple technologies in PSL labs.

Evaluation Criteria:
1. Assists with audiovisual recording of simulation experiences
2. Assists the Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator with computer lab operations and computerized testing for undergraduate nursing experiences
3. Troubleshoots problems with simulators, computers and equipment to make necessary adjustments as needed
4. Assists with care and maintenance of lab and simulation equipment. Reports missing or damaged equipment and supplies to the Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator
5. Assists Nursing Simulation Educator/Coordinator with scenario development and computer programming

Secondary Duties

Professional Development: Maintains active engagement in ongoing professional development.
Evaluation criteria:
1. Obtains 10 CEUs/year with 6-8 CEUs in simulation and 2-4 in leadership/management content
2. Annually visits clinical sites in order to remain current regarding equipment, procedures, and healthcare process
3. Updates self to new techniques, procedures, and equipment
4. Maintains clinical practice at a minimum of a prn or per diem position

Supervises: # of Administrative 0
Supervises: # of Staff 0
Supervises: # of Student 0
Posting Date 09/22/2017
Open Until Filled Yes
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